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Special MENU

Every season whether it’s summers, winters, rains, or autumn has some varieties that are often recommended to feed self during a season. At Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana, we have intact seasonal vegetables and dishes to serve with divine taste, with the choicest taste of spices. Cooked by our mothers, the season’s special desserts, cuisines, and much more are part of our menu to ascertain your appetite in best possible way by justifying wherever you are and whenever you want to eat.

Summer foods: Summers are often meant for eating healthy, light, and wholesome with refreshing drinks. So, for summers, we have a special menu that you can consider to keep yourself intact with home-cooked meals.

Winter Culinary: Winters are the best time, and everyone gets fonder of eating more because of vegetables and fruits that arrive during this season. Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana has choices in winter menu that is delighting in its own.

Rainy Feel: Rains and the feeling of having something warm like Pakoras, Tea, or Coffee surround in this season. But, eating outside, during the rainy season is probably not preferable because of hygiene. That is why Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana has made that possible to reach up with fresh homemade delights to serve at your doorstep.

Spring Specials: Spring is the mixture that goes little sneaky over people. Hence, by maintaining a balance between food and taste, Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana has also made a menu ideal for the spring season.