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Special MENU

Rice, Lentils, Lucchi, Mishti Doi, Baigun Bhajja, and many more delectable dishes are made by our home cooks at Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana with the expertise of matching wholesome taste every single time. So far our USP comes more driving with Bengali cuisine that too at the Land of Rajasthan. When it comes to Bengali food people often go with a mindset of non-vegetarian dishes like Macher Jhol (Fish curry), but it’s not only limited to it. At Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana, we offer a variety of vegetarian stuff with authentic Bengali flavours. For choosing the best quality lip smacking of Bengali food, you can scroll through our menu or even have made on order meal package.


  • Shukto
  • Naksha Bori (designed and sundried lentils fried) Bhaja
  • Radhaballabhi
  • Chhoto Aloor dum
  • Mishti Polao, that beats all kinds of rice preparations any day
  • Dhokar Dalna (curry made of fried chana dal patties)
  • Chhanar Dalna (cottage cheese curry)
  • Potoler dolma
  • Bhaja Moong Daaler khichuri
  • Labra
  • Chhyanchra
  • Chapor Ghonto
  • Mochar Ghonto (banana blossom curry)
  • Sojne Dantar Chorchori
  • Mohanbhog (sweet sooji)